Strategic Scope has been established in 1991 as one of the first full-service public relations agencies in Hungary. The owner and managing director of the firm is Zsuzsanna S. Takács. 
Our aim is to build fame and reputation to our clients. 
We provide communication consultancy at numerous fields. In the course of our work so far we have been working in the energy, environment, urban development, media and tobacco industry and in the infrastructure investment sector. We have experience in the public and private sectors and considerable knowledge in the field of non-profit communications. We believe in the power of personal presence and authentic communication. 
Our versatile team guarantee our Clients to work with an experienced and dynamic agency. There are professionals with experience of decades as well as entrants with fresh approach. Additionally, we are supported by an external team of 7 experts.



Own developments

ECCO International Communications Network was established  to manage high-quality, cost-effective, integrated global campaigns. It is a leading network that coordinates independent PR agencies  with over 1,000 PR and Communications consultants in nearly 40 countries. 

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