What do we know?

What do we know?

Planning a Communication Strategy

All agencies dream about being right there at the beginning. We all want to take part in the elaboration of the full strategy. To give a solid base for the strategy, we prepare background analysis with scientific thoroughness and follow a practical approach. We map the client’s economic environment as well as the public acceptance and awareness of any given topic. We check related target groups and analyse the environment, then build our recommendations for the most suitable ways and means.

PR campaigns, Planning and Implementation

It is a complex task built on various elements, in which we put each and every component of the PR profession to use in order to satisfy individual needs and expectations. We examine the purpose to be achieved, carefully consider the strategy and form a comprehensive campaign. We draft communication goals for our clients, find suitable channels to forward the messages and elaborate the exact content and form of the communication campaign.

Online Communication, PR and Social Media

In addition to their personal acquaintances users are also communicating with companies and brands on social media platforms. That is why professional and efficient online presence and social media participation is more important today than it ever was. We are familiar with the following areas: website design, creating and managing social media surfaces (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn…), blogging, handling and monitoring forums, content management and other online activities.

Event management

We have organized all kinds of successful events over the years – big and small, national and international, local and nationwide. We have shown our expertise in organizing long series of workshops, conferences, concerts, exhibitions and countrywide road shows.

We recommend our clients an ideal venue, an adequate programme, the best possible ways and means to reach the target group, suggest a guest list, and choose a suitable menu. After the event we do an extensive follow-up appraisal.

Media Relations

Our working method is to keep up friendly relations with the media. We generate news to support the most important topics and issues with the right weight in the media. We organize press events, monitor the press, collect and evaluate all news items which concern our client and sum up our findings in a report. We prepare exact and thorough background materials.

Issue Management

We handle social issues as well as issues for non-profit organizations. There are countless problems in public focus which are waiting to be solved and involve an organization at the same time. We help our clients by making any given issue known to the public and to the relevant decision-makers.

We think that the key factor here – like in other communication situations – is correct, fact-supported information. We do background research and theme monitoring to keep our clients up-to-date about all the changes which may affect their operation.

Public Affairs

We make sure that relevant stakeholders learn about our client’s endeavour. We ensure that our client is surrounded by a trustful atmosphere, since no company is unaffected by the current legal, social or economic environment or the latest changes in laws or regulations.

In a planned investment project support may be a crucial point. Our agency has great experience in public communication. We are confident in contacting opinion leaders and try to win the decision-makers’ support with a constant flow of information.

Crisis Communication

The outcome of a crisis can have a long-term effect on the life of any company.  In that case – whether we like it or not – the organization becomes the centre of media interest. Our agency takes care of the situation and ensures that the company gets out of the crisis with minimum damages. However, the risk is lower if the company is prepared and knows exactly how to avoid or handle crisis situations. We make sure that with the help of professional communication our client can build good relationships with the environment, so it can avoid most of the potential crisis situations. Our previously prepared crisis management plan gives our clients the knowhow of handling conflicts around the company and preventing them from spreading.

Management Consulting

First we investigate our client’s situation and then provide personalized advice, so they can reach their business or organizational goals efficiently.

Designing printed publications

Our agency helps to design and print creative and high-quality publications. We can follow our client’s idea or come up with our own.