What do we offer?

What do we offer?

Over 2 decades

Strategic Scope has been operating as a full-service PR agency for over 25 years. Respect, loyalty and trust in our clients are our foundation-stones.

Accurate planning, flexible implementation

We like to rely on objective surveys and data analysis when building a communication strategy. We aim at planning a unified and authentic strategy independently of branch or brand and try to maintain a trustful relationship. That is how we support our clients.

Beside respecting facts and using traditional ways and means we often search for ‘out of box’ solutions. Quick and flexible adaptation forms an important part of our method.

International Background

In 2004 our agency joined the London based ECCO International Communications Network Ltd. It was founded in 1989, and is one of the world’s largest owner-managed agency-networks providing PR and related marketing services. Membership enables us to take part in projects which run simultaneously in several countries, so we can work on the same professional principles not only in Hungary but all over Europe and in many countries of the world.

We find it crucial to improve the agency’s intellectual capacities, competence and social network in all the fields of communication and agency work.

Our Specialities

We have had several clients in manufacturing for whom, sustainability is of vital importance and protecting the environment is a daily routine. We often meet radical civil organizations who reject that attitude as unacceptable and untruthful. In order to reduce the ever-increasing and often unjustified high-publicity attacks and to provide trustworthy information we have started the ’Right and Wrong Side of Green’ blog. Here we publish weekly blog entries about environmental issues enjoyable for professional and civilian readers alike.